Get Well Healthy as a Horse card

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Why do people say “Healthy as a Horse” when referring to the health of a human being? I am certain there are some fairly sickly horses out there. So I will say to you, “I hope you’re a healthy as a Kentucky Derby Thoroughbred.”

Turns out, horses have 4-5 times more white blood cells than human blood and since their temperature runs slightly higher than humans, they aren’t bothered by minor illnesses. The more you know!

Each card is handmade with high quality acid-free cardstock using laser-printing, archival adhesive and embellishments. Cards are all blank inside and are shipped with a recycled envelope in an eco plant-based cellophane sleeve.

[card size] 4.25 in x 5.5 in - A2
[envelope color] recycled kraft brown
[envelope size] 4.375 in x 5.75 in - A2
[material] paper
[inside] blank