Leonardo and CO Trivia

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Leonardo & Co is a captivating knowledge quiz. There is a clear answer to every question in the game, offering in-depth insight into the why and the wherefore! It's not only a chance to show off what you know, it's also an opportunity to expand your knowledge. And with the luck of die, you might just prove to be the class genius!


1 Game Board

1 Die, 6 counters

1 exact science game book (228 pages) with  questions and answers on maths, physics, chemistry, astronomy...

1 biomedical sciences game book (228 pages)with questions and answers on biology, medicine, botany, zoology...

1 Social Sciences game book (228 pages) with questions and answers on philosophy, economy, history, art, psychology...

Players : 14+

The game is for 2 to 24 players.