Save The Dragon

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  • ROLL AND MOVE GAME- Save The Dragon is designed to engage kids to use their fine motor skills to save the dragon! With a 3D staircase, this game has a fascinating table presence that is sure to excite all players!
  • FAMILY AND CHILDREN'S GAME- This game can be enjoyed by children ages 5 and up or as a family! Save The Dragon will help players develop their focus and attention and fine motor skills
  • HOW TO PLAY: Take turns rolling the dice and climbing the stairs to the dragon's tower. But watch out for falling boulders! The guards will try to knock you off the stairs and send you back to the start! The first player to reach the top and rescue the dragon is the winner!
  • INCLUDES: 3D Staircase, 1 Dragon’s Room, 1 Door (to the Dragon’s Room), 1 Boulder, 4 Player Pieces, 2 Dice, 12 Bonus Tokens, 1 Shield, Illustrated Rules
  • Skill Level: Beginner